Friday, 18 February 2011

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Dr. Nono is tonite in the radio

I will be interviewed in the program "La Bombilla, El programa mas viajero"( the light bulb, the program that travels the most of all) from Sanlucar la mayor, Sevilla Today, 29th. The program will be at 21:00 Greenwich time, one hour later in Torredonjimeno, Spain, and two hours later in King Mariut, Egypt. It is a very cool program apparently, i never heard it before :P but i spoke yesterday with German, one of the people producing the program, and he told me about it. They have "random" telephone calls to the world and they get to know different cultures. Every program they have specials about different countries and interviews with people that like to travel differently. They called me for the trips in bicycle in Cabo de Gata with the Hull crew in 2002, Maghreb/Morocco that i did with Mr. Sam "fishman" Petragallus along the Atlantic coast in 2002 and a mad adventure in the Atlas mountain and Sahara dessert with Dr. Tomsy Hedley in 2003. The program in Spanish can be heard online in:
Then click on the moving butterfly on the right..But in my mozila firefox doesnt seem to work...just in explorer.